Friday, November 2, 2012

DIY Framed Earring Holder (For $5 or Less!)

What You'll Need:

Picture Frame
Craft Paint (Optional)
1-4 pieces of colored felt
Roll of Decorative Ribbon
Mesh Laundry Bag
Hot Glue Gun (Or crafting glue)

Follow the bold lettering for a quick read, but don't miss out on all the extra tips below! :D

Monday, May 7, 2012

How to Make a Rainbow Cake

Step 1:
Mix cake batter and separate evenly into plastic cups.  Add desired food coloring to each cup and stir well.  (I wanted a lot of small sections of color, so I divided the batter into 24 cups, using 6 different colors. So 4 cups of each color.)
Step 2:
Pour contents of each cup into pan. For best results, pay close attention to the distribution and arrangement of color. Do not stir or swirl!  To level batter, drop pan forcefully and repetitively on countertop. (Steve came into the kitchen while I was doing this because he thought I was mad and throwing things around. :P)


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentines Day Cookies

Hey everyone! I've gotten a few more subscribers lately, so to celebrate, I thought I'd pop on and show you a picture of some sugar cookies  I made at work.


 I have to admit, ever since we started decorating these for V-day, I've been eating a lot more of them. :P

I didn't really have any supplies to use at work, so it's pretty user friendly.
  • Just cut a heart shape in a piece of wax paper and brush pink frosting over the stencil.  
  • You could use a pastry bag with a tip (or even just cut a hole in the corner of a ziploc bag) to do any lettering.

If you want to make your own, I've got a super super easy (and delish!) recipe and instructions here for my Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies  seen below.

Enjoy! :D

Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Anyklosaurus Cake Pictures

I thought I'd pop on and share some more photos of my Ankylosaurus cake.  I made him sometime last year, which you can read about here.
Enjoy! :)

Belle from Beauty and the Beast Cake : Holly's Birthday (2011)

Hey guys. :)
It's been just about forever since I've posted on here, and I've still got a lot of cakes I've never posted about.  So am I going to be more consistent with this?  I guess we'll just have to wait and see. :P

So, about this time LAST year, my buddy Holly had just turned 22.  So in honor of the event, I made her this surprise Belle cake.

 I used the Wilton doll pan to get the shape of her dress.  The doll is a pick, but the entirety of her dress is made from fondant.

Looking back, I find it amusing that I did all the buttercream details with a medicine syringe.  I made this before I learned anything about piping with pastry bags, so although its kinda shoddy, at least I was innovative. :P

And here she is all lit up. :) 

As for now, I just finished making a peace sign cake, which I'm about to go drop off now... at 4am. :P

More posts soon?  I hope so. :)