Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Heart Cookies

I've been baking more than it seems, seeing as my last entry was over a month ago.  The biggest reason for my absence is the fact that all the pictures I've been taking for this blog have been sitting in my roommates camera forever, despite the many times I've asked her to upload them for me. (Shame on you, Holly! :P)

However!  I baked the other day at my boyfriends house and used his dad's camera, thus enabling me to write this to say both "I'm not dead after all!" and "Look! I made cookies!" :)

Steve's dad has had a box of white cake mix and a container of frosting sitting in his cupboard for months now, so when I woke up on the morning of February 13th with an urge to make heart-shaped sugar cookies, I decided to use Monster Mama's "Incredibly Easy [Cake Mix] Sugar Cookies" recipe again.

I honestly can't remember the last time I used store-bought frosting before this, and after getting so use to working with buttercream frosting, I wasn't looking forward to trying to frost these.  So I decided to melt the frosting in a large bowl and dunk each cookie face down in it.  They turned out a bit messy, but still pretty smooth.

After letting the frosting set a little bit, a few friends and I decorated the cookies with some sprinkles I bought earlier that day. (Not letting the frosting set resulted in sinking, unattractive sprinkles. So like I mentioned, let the frosting thicken a bit on the cookie first.)

In my attempt to make these, I started to realize how spoiled I am with my drawer and cupboard full of baking things back home.  So I was a little disgruntled at first working in a different kitchen.  But Steve's dad dug out some cookie cutters and a rolling pin for me,  and I even found some lone red food coloring hiding in the Lazy Susan, so everything ended up working out just fine. :)

Overall this is an incredibly easy recipe, and I seriously love it so much I wish I could make more right now. :P

Well, that's all for now, hopefully I'll be posting again soon.

<3 Rachel


  1. These are adorable! I've been missing your posts.

    Come check out my competition!

  2. Love them, they came out perfect! Glad youre back, can't wait to see what else you make :)

  3. These are so cute. I love anything with sprinkles :D
    What type of icing did you use?

  4. These were extremely cute! Glad to see you back!