Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Donuts!

Welcome back to meeeee. :P

Long time no see, little blog, and I've got bunches of excuses too! money, no pictures, no time...etc etc. But regardless of all that, here I am, and here's some donuts I decorated on Easter at work!

Unless I've talked to you elsewhere, the fact that I decorated donuts at works needs just a tad bit of explaining.

Well, just about a month ago, I got hired at a gas station for the donut and breakfast food shift, which meant being up at fun hours like 3:30am and putting up with grumpy/hungry customers all morning.  I wasn't trained very well, so the majority of this job has been a lot of stress, trying to keep up with everything. But...

On Easter, my assistant manager left me some colored frosting and Easter-themed sprinkles, so work ended up being a lot of fun for once. 
Most of what I did was a matter of drizzling frosting and tossing sprinkles here and there, but I also got a bit creative and made a few flowers, butterflies, and suns.  And I before leaving work that morning, I even bought a 1/2 dozen of them and felt absolutely ridiculous. :P
I really have a ton of entries I need to post, and a few more possible ones in the near future.  I have my ankylosaurus cake, my Disney Belle Princess cake, a Converse shoe bridal shower cake, a Dead Space 2 cake, and food from my Oscar Party back in February, just to name a few.
So hang in there readers, and hopefully I'll be back soon. :D
<3 Rachel

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  1. Nice! I only recently checked out your blog, but have enjoyed the post and will be back to read more.