Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mixers and Cut-Outs and Pans! Oh my!

    I'm so impatient to bake I might just burst into a million pieces.  I just finished looking through a recipe book Steve's dad found laying around the house, and even though it's from 1983 and each recipe has a gazillion inconvienient ingredients, it's beckoning me to my kitchen.  Which is, oh, only about 80 miles away right now.

    But honestly, I'll be back home by Wednesday night, and if anything goes the way I want it to, I'm going to bake everything in the universe.  Evvvverrrrythiiing. 

    Well, okay, that's obviously an exaggeration, but there's a New Years Eve Party looming in the near future... and even though the hosts would probably be happier if I brought a gallon of alcohol, I'm using it as an excuse to make dozens of cookies.  Because not only was that out-of-date cook book tempting me into a baking frenzy, but I also happened to have acquired a lot of nifty stuff for Christmas that I'm just dying to use.  And since I don't have any baked goods to be showing off at the moment, I thought I'd share them with you.

First up is my brand new stand mixer!

 Mom was ready to spend a ton of money on one of these things, but I really didn't want to start out with a super expensive one.  This stand mixer comes with two different sized bowls and dough hook attachments.  I've read mixed reviews about it, but either way, it should hopefully save me some work in the kitchen.  I reeeally hate using a hand mixer 12 minutes straight for buttercream frosting. Oh, and I happened to have broke both of our hand mixers in the last month anyway.

Mom also got me the Wilton Stand Up Doll Cake Pan, the Big Top giant cupcake pan, and the Wilton cake decorating stand!  Yay!

My buddy Janey got me this awesome set of fondant cutters.  (They're all great, but I think the leaves are going to be super handy.)  And Steve's dad got me a book called "1 Dough, 100 Cookies". (The one I'm reading with the Grinch above.)  I don't know about you guys, but to me that sounded like a challenge. So expect a lot of cookie posts as well. :P

Mom even cleared out a whole bottom cabinet for all my pans and such, and I reorganized my baking drawer.  So see?  I need to bake, pronto. It's killing me.

I'll leave you all now with a picture of my lovely kitchen, since Steve thinks you guys need to know where all the baking (or in this case, not-baking) happens. So ta dah!

<33 Rachel


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  2. Aw, I'm so jealous, you have way more baking stuff than me, I only have a bowl and a spoon :P
    Plus your kitchen is about a million times better than mine because I live in a tiny apartment.

    I do have more equipment on the way but it won't arrive until February, which sucks.

    Just to let you know, I consider you a baking blog buddy too, and it's awesome to have someone to talk to on here who understands what it's like to love to bake but having no freaking money to do it!

    You said on one of my posts that you wanted to have your own business? I am hoping to have mine up and running by September with the help of my business-minded mother (we may actually be able to get premises by May, but I won't say anything about it now in case it doesn't work out) so if you need any help with yours just ask :)

    I love your Grinch by the way!!

    Meg x

  3. I would be that impatient to bake too if I had all sorts of baking goodies! I need to get that barbie pan for a cousin of mine too. I think that will be a fun cake to make. Happy baking! Hope to see lots of great things from you soon!

  4. Fantastic Christmas presents ... lucky you.

  5. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Love the Oreo Cake:)

  6. Hi Rachel!
    Thanks for all the blog comments you've sent my way :)
    Look at all this kitchen stuff - I expect to see some serious baking in the new year!
    I bought those boxes, in my post, at a local World Market store, but they look like they would be simple to make...
    Happy New Year!

  7. hey! I 'like' a cake shop on facebook. It's located in Boston but they have a facebook cake design challenge. Do you want to give it a shot? It's going to be a lot of fun! For the contest you have to make and post pictures of a fondant cake based on the theme 'Love.' I know you're just starting out but it's a friendly competition and I'm really excited about it. I probably won't win but really want to participate. Check it out. This is the link to the facebook page. The contest details are in events. Let me know if you decide to do it!

  8. oops forgot to paste the link: http://www.facebook.com/asaboston?ref=ts